Subscription Services and Temporary Access Passess

Unless you purchase a hosting services to use New Beginning Host Europe then your usage rights will be limited as set out at . You may obtain broader usage rights by purchasing an New Beginning Host Europe hosting services. We currently offer two levels of New Beginning Host Europe subscription called Prestige and Premium. New Beginning Host Europe reserves the right to vary the amount of content and types of service that it makes available to different categories of user which means that we may increase or reduce the content and services that are only available to paying hosting service holders from time to time.

Contract formation:

New Beginning Host Europe will try to process your hosting services promptly and guarantee that your hosting service will be activated maximum in 24 hours. By submitting your payment and other subscription details, you are making an offer to us to buy a hosting services. Your offer will only be accepted by us and a contract formed when we have successfully verified your payment details and email address, at which point we will provide you with hosting service. New Beginning Host Europe reserves the right to reject any offer in its discretion, for any or no reason.

Payment details:

When you subscribe or purchase a hosting service you must provide us with complete and accurate payment information. By submitting payment details you promise that you are entitled to purchase a hosting service pass using those payment details. If we do not receive payment authorization or any authorization is subsequently cancelled, we may immediately terminate or suspend your access to your hosting service and may in suspicious circumstances contact the issuing bank/payment provider and/or law enforcement authorities/other appropriate third parties. If you are entitled to a refund under these terms and conditions we will credit that refund to the card or other payment method you used to submit payment, unless it has expired in which case we will contact you. If you buy a hosting service using a corporate credit card than we will treat your hosting service as being for the benefit of both you and the relevant company.


The hosting service price will be made clear to you on our sign-up pages or otherwise during the sign-up process and may vary from time to time or by country. You agree to pay the fees at the rates notified to you at the time you take out your hosting service. For certain subscriptions you can take out either an annual or monthly (or other frequency we offer) subscription. Other subscription services may only require a one-off payment. You can also take out any other fixed term or payment frequency that we may offer from time to time. New Beginning Host Europe will charge you in Euros, it doesn’t depending on the service and your country of residence. You may also have to pay any applicable local taxes. Eligibility for any discounts is ascertained at the time you subscribe and cannot be changed during the term of your subscription. We will always tell you in advance of any increase in the price of your subscription and offer you an opportunity to cancel it if you do not wish to pay the new price.

Pricing errors:

If we incorrectly state a price to you whether online or otherwise, we are not obliged to provide you with a hosting service at that price, even if we have mistakenly accepted your offer to buy a hosting service at that price, and reserve the right to subsequently notify you of any pricing error. If we do this, you may cancel the subscription without any obligation to us and we will refund you any money you have paid us in full or you may pay the correct price. If you refuse to exercise either of these choices then we may cancel your subscription and will refund you any money you have paid us in full. We will always act in good faith in determining whether a genuine pricing error has occurred.

Other costs:

In addition to any hosting service fees you pay, you are responsible for paying any internet connection or other telecommunications charges that you may incur by accessing New Beginning Host Europe or using the services available on it. For example, if you use any of our mobile services then your network operator may charge you for data or messaging services.


We may from time to time and at our discretion make a trial available to users, in which case we will only charge you for your subscription with effect from the expiry of the trial period. No more than one trial per subscriber is allowed in any twelve month period.


If you chose any hosting packages to buy, you should pay it one-time payment method. If you like to continue your service you can buy another packages and send a ticket our support department.

Cancellations by you and refunds:

Customers might cancel their subscription within the first 24 hours after the payment, after that you do not have any right to cancel your subscription or any part of it until the end of your then current subscription period. This means that you are not entitled to a refund once we have started providing any part of your subscription to you, except in the very limited circumstances which are referred to in these terms and conditions. Although you may notify us of your intention to cancel at any time, such notice will only take effect at the end of your then current subscription period. You may notify us of your wish to cancel your subscription by contacting our Customer Services team at Support Ticket page.

Cancellations by us:

New Beginning Host Europe reserves the right to suspend or terminate your subscription if you breach these terms and conditions, with or without notice and without further obligation to you. You will not be entitled to any refund in these circumstances. If however we terminate or suspend your subscription for any other reason and/or permanently cease publishing New Beginning Host Europe , the New Beginning Host Europe Content or cease to provide subscription services then, unless there are exceptional circumstances, we will provide you with a pro rata refund to your credit card, which means that we will refund you with any amounts that you have paid us in advance that relate to any remaining and unexpired period of your subscription.